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Around 30 years back, I had an opportunity to visit the Anatomy Department of the Government Medical college, Amritsar. There I noticed the preserved skeleton of the Ex- Head of Anatomy department in the Glass Box. On my inquiry, I learnt that he had donated his body, after his death, for the medical students to study the human anatomy. On returning to Delhi I came to know that the subject of Anatomy in medical colleges is taught on a dead body (cadaver) to understand the structure of Human body. But there is an acute scarcity of the cadavers ... More

Recent Event: Dehdaniyo ka 37 th Utsav 17 Mar. 2019, Army College of Medical Sciences, Near Delhi Cant Metro Station                       Recent Event: Dehdaniyo ka 37 th Utsav 17 Mar. 2019, Army College of Medical Sciences, Near Delhi Cant Metro Station

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