Book Review : "Body-Organ Donation - Towards a Healthy Society"

Body and organ donation is an age old subject yet there is still a need to create more awareness about it in India. The ancient Indian scriptures have chronicled the donation of his complete body by the revered Indian sage Dadhichi for a noble cause.

This is arguably the first case of body donation in the history of civilisation. It is ironical that India lags behind on this issue. But one should be hopeful that with growing focus and awareness on importance of body and organ donation we will bridge the gap soon.

The book "Body-Organ Donation; Towards a Healthy Society" authored by Arun Anand has tried to demystify the issue of body and organ donation which has several scientific, moral and ethical aspects.

The book is a serious attempt to simplify the issue of Body and Organ donation especially in the Indian context so that greater awareness can be created around it. It has 11 chapters including an interesting chapter titled 'New Frontiers' in which the author says, "With new technology breakthroughs, there are several new frontiers which have opened up newer possibilities of organ and tissue donation." Then he goes on to explore these new frontiers such as Human milk banks, hair donation and World Transplant Games about which not many people know. These international games are held for people who have been recipients of organs.

India has made significant strides in the field of body and organ donation over the last few decades. But there still remain many challenges. This book raises the issue of high cost of transplantation and lack of sufficient facilities in the public health care facilities to facilitate organ and body donation.

While talking about the journey of ancient and modern India in the field of body and organ donation and the stellar role played by organisations like Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti to promote this cause, the author has recounted several inspiring stories of body-organ donation in recent times which were published all over the country.

This book simplifies the complex and multi-dimensional subject of issue from the common people's perspective. It explains the scientific, legal, ethical and financial aspects of the transplantation of organs from Indian as well as global perspective.

The book takes a look at the past, present and the challenges ahead in the field of body and organ donation. It is a ready reckoner for anyone who wants to know about body and organ Donation

Mahesh Pant