खेद है कि कुछ अपरिहार्य कारणों से ई-जर्नल के 2 अंक छूट गए हैं। हम क्षमाप्रार्थी हैं।
भविष्य में नियमित अंको के लिए सतर्क रहेंगे।

Letter to Editor

To the editor

I have received the latest edition of our esteem e-journal. 

The touching oath of the students anatomy students and reflecting their sincere gratitude to the donor for cadaver speaks volumes, in the presidential address. 

Gratitude of heart receipient Hemant Mahato will move many more towards the cause of organ donation.

There is a quality scientific input on eye donation beside many motivating and eye opening stories. 

This edition also reflects how different agencies and organisations are moving in same direction for a common pursuits  respecting , coordinating and helping  each other in the larger interest of the humanity. 

Hindi translation of a short English story by Indu Ji delivers more than words. 

Activity section shows rise in the no of effective events for awareness in public. 

A mix of gratitude and motivating stories makes this edition a perfect one . 

I wish Samiti and editor a great  luck for future editions for their relentless efforts.


Dr. Vishal Chadha, MD