An Initiative with CISF

CISF Officers Pledge to Serve as Ambassadors for Organ Donation

Smt. Manju Prabha,

Dr Vishal Chadha,

Director General of the Central Industrial Security Force, Shri Rajesh Ranjan, innovated a a very humane way to mark the celebration of 50yrs of Raising of this elite force of 1,40,735 strong and well trained fighters. A very noble way to serve the human kind. He motivated his officers to take on a noble cause to pledge to donate their organs after death. Every donation can save life of upto 8 persons besides giving sight to 2 or more, Officers from Delhi and NCR campuses immediately followed the resolution of their able leader. They researched and found Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti , a leading NGO working for the pursuit. Samiti was invited to hold sessions with their officers and ranks at different campuses across Delhi and NCR. Samiti arranged the team of volunteers from the local units to carry out the sessions.

First in this league was an awareness and sensitization session at CISF, Mahipalpur, Delhi. The programme was lead by the DIG, CISF, Shri Sanjay Prakash. Samitis volunteers presented the functioning of the Samiti and discussed various aspects of Organ and Body Donations before the officers, ranks and jawans of the esteem organisation. Officers curiously interacted and satisfied themselves by asking questions and understanding the cause of Organ donation.Over 250 officers were present.

Next invitation we received was from DIG (Special Security Group), Shri.Vikram Singh Maan, IPS, for 4th August 2018 at their campus, in Greater Noida.
Dadhichi Deh Dan Samiti was given a RED CARPET welcome. Team of Samiti volunteers interacted on various aspects of Organ Donation and Body Donation.

A Unique and Exemplary leader, Shri Maan, lead from the front and pledged to Donate his Organ after death. He devised a SHAPATH, on the spot and recited the same before his full command, and to my surprise, 200 strong force recited the same, spontaneously.

Third invitation was from the 5th reserve Battalion. They wanted to Celebrate Organ Donation Day, on 13th August 2018, at their campus in Indirapuram. This was indeed a Grand Show. Over 500 officers attended the event with full enthusiasm and vigour.
Inspector General Shri Sudhir Kumar was the Chief Guest on the Occasion. This Generous Leader filled the Pledge Form from the Dias and assured to submit the same by getting it signed by his spouse, by completing the formality. He urged the audience to come forward and adopt this noble cause.
Deputy Inspector General Shri D. K. Singh, took the opportunity to remove myths from the officers for this noble cause. Sr Commandant Shri Rattan Kumar assured for speedy completion of the pledge form filling activity and take it as mission.

Dr. Ramesh Subedi, Anesthetist, explained the difference between the Brain Stem Death and COMA Patients. How a decision is being made to declare a Patient Brain Dead and Govt. Acts to Safe Guard the interest of the Donors.

Samiti urged the officers to extend their benevolence to the needy and make pledge for Organ Donation. CISF presented mementoes to all the volunteers of the Samiti at Greater Noida and Indirapuram campuses. Samiti presented the Book on Body and Organ Donation for a Healthy Nation released at the President House to the Officers at all campuses.

Shri Deepak Goel, Shri Deepak Khattar, Dr Ramesh Subedi were the Samitis volunteer for the Mahipalpur Campus.
Shri Avinash Chand Verma., Smt. Sandhya Saxenna contributed as local volunteers for the Indirapuam and Greater Noida Programme. Team was encouraged by the auspicious presence of Shri Akhil Saxenna, Director MHA and a Dadhichi Volunteer from the Ghaziabad at Greater Noida Campus. Shri Harprasad Pandey also attended the Indirapuram Event.
These brave hearts have a commitment, to serve Nation by safeguarding very important and eminent personalities of INDIA, they have now extended their commitment by pledging to donate their Organ/bodies after death in the service of humanity.

These officers have taken a call to serve mother nation beyond their duty and have shown their willingness to serve the humanity even after their life.
This sanskaar to serve Nation beyond their duty is surely an outcome of the training and lifestyle, they have received and lived at CISF. Thus a new initiative with the leadership of CISF for their DIVINE INITIATIVE - A COMMITMENT BEYOND LIFE started.

what a Way !